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We love launching websites. It’s our favorite thing to do. Maybe you’ve seen all those web design movies that Hollywood seems so fond of making, and you think that we’re all Leonardo di Caprios, flying private boats onto jet islands, drinking gallons of rum and partying with the ladies of Capri Sun, but that’s not how we do things here at Razorfrog.

Here in lovely San Francisco, the Razorfrog Team is busily putting together fine websites for companies that we believe in. And when we say “busy” we mean gloriously occupied, seriously swamped, buried under mountains of wonderful code. It’s been worth it. Our portfolio just got quite a bit larger, and we’d love for you to meet the newest additions to the legions of folks that trust Razorfrog with their web presence. All systems are go for launch!

We’re counting our lucky stars we got to work with Wrightspeed, setting up their online home for electrifying delivery trucks, buses and refuse trucks. Alternative fuel sources are the future, and it’s fantastic to help people at the forefront of a changing marketplace. Razorfrog also developed a robust internal framework and custom graphic presentations for PGH Wong Engineering, a full service engineering and architecture firm that provides multi-billion dollar solutions for high power transit systems.

It makes us proud to work with inventive companies like SuperCloset and Oakland Floats. SuperCloset has launched a fully responsive e-commerce store where you can buy their impressive line of home grow products. The site we built for Oakland Floats is designed to be memorable and impressive, introducing their incredible floatation tanks to the SF Bay Area.

When folks need a website that showcases preparedness for any eventuality, they come to us. For Relief Tents, a Santa Cruz company, that meant creating a streamlined, easy-to-navigate site that works on any device. For Emergency Management and Safety Solutions, their updated site allows them to easily showcase events, news posts, videos, audio files, and white papers as their media collection grows.

We also got to work with the Francisco Park Conservancy nonprofit, an incredible group dedicated to building a new community space overlooking the northern shores of Aquatic Park. We believe in what they are doing and hope our site helps get the park built sooner rather than later. Lastly, we redesigned Integral Data Support’s website, integrating with their back-end customer support. Work like this keeps us innovating, finding results that work on large and small scales.

This is gratifying work, and we’re proud to be associated with people chasing dreams, building better tomorrows, and fighting for what they believe in. Check out all of these websites and make note of any features you might want for your own site! Happy clicking!

Christopher is a seasoned publishing professional who is passionate about helping folks put great books together, with years of experience managing clients, developing and editing pitches, proposals, and manuscripts across genres. He has edited and placed multiple New York Times and National Bestsellers.

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