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Founded by Tesla Motors co-founder Ian Wright, Wrightspeed is bringing range-extended electric vehicle powertrains to the heavyweight transportation industry where maintenance expenses are costly and fuel economy is paramount. This Silicon Valley engineering company is electrifying delivery trucks, buses and refuse trucks to saving fleet operators hefty margins on maintenance costs, fuel consumption (as much as 67%) and CO2 emissions (up to 63%).

Razorfrog’s design team collaborated with renowned SF photographer Josh Hittleman to capture the essence of the future that Wrightspeed has envisioned. Utilizing sleek typography, sharp visual assets and a commanding palette, the new Wrightspeed website is anything but ordinary. Their responsive site features a slew of videos, technical diagrams, news and press releases to inform prospective investors, the media and the general public of their revolutionary technology.

We’re proud of collaborating with Wrightspeed to usher in a new era of electric transportation. Be sure to watch Ian Wright’s TED talk to learn more about The Route Powertrain’s uncompromised power.

(This site design is currently offline, but we’re proud of our work together and have kept this portfolio entry available.)

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