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Razorfrog provides accessible web design and development for the web’s evolving needs.

Since 2008, Razorfrog has produced local WordPress web design solutions for small and medium-sized businesses throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Over the past decade we’ve evolved from a modest responsive web design team into an award-winning firm focused on delivering WCAG conformant accessible web design and assisting with remediation needs. We embrace the use of science and technology to eliminate barriers for users with diverse abilities. Our story is defined by our perseverance, innovation, and an unwavering belief that we can and will do better.

As the needs of the web have changed, so have our focuses and specializations. Razorfrog has grown to be an insightful and trusted partner for countless businesses that require veteran guidance for navigating the choppy waters of the web. We believe that good design is for everyone and that no one should be left behind in our ever-expanding and increasingly connected world. Our creative team aspires to deliver the most compassionate, empowering and essential WordPress web design services that the San Francisco Bay Area has to offer.

We’re a small agile team guided by our design values.



Razorfrog Accent Gradient Frog Brandmark



The Razorfrog Team at the San Francisco Botannical Garden (Fall 2023)

Razorfrog’s team of experienced designers and developers is fervently committed to achieving our clients’ goals and celebrating their successes. We’re keen on empathy and inclusivity, and embrace diverse, authentic experiences for ourselves and each other. Our relationships are built on kindness, professionalism, integrity and respect for one another. We believe in taking responsibility for our actions and upholding the tenets of leadership and accountability across our roles. We are inspired to tap into our collective gifts in order to be of service to our communities and to cultivate a more tolerant, prosperous and culturally vibrant world.

We’re nurturing a more beautiful world with WordPress.

WordPress was released in May 2003 by its founders Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little and continues to grow after 20 years. It currently powers 43.3% of the web and 14.7% of the world’s top websites, and holds a 65.1% CMS market share.* We build your web presence with the most resilient and beloved platform so that you can focus on selling your products/services and growing your business.

*Reported February 7, 2023 by Kinsta.

We serve the web design needs of the Bay Area’s most diverse industries.

Our valued clients represent a multitude of industries that we serve – from real estate, apparel, and non-profit organizations to space launch services, best-in-class electric transportation, and next-generation immunotherapy treatments. Whether helping medical professionals establish their practices or supporting tech startups launching entirely new ideas, we have the necessary experience to take on any kind of WordPress-based design and development project. Learn more about these industries and our pond of clients from one of the options below.

We believe in creating impact by working together.

razorfrog darkened turquoise lilypad pond illustration by scott werley

Our community is built on a foundation of collaborative and mutually beneficial relationships, reminiscent of the interdependent connections found in a natural ecosystem. The strength and health of our community are rooted in the solid bonds we share with each other. Through close collaboration, we become more resilient and effective, fostering growth and development within our network.

The global COVID-19 pandemic underscored the importance of these connections. Faced with unprecedented challenges, we drew inspiration from the resilience of natural systems. This reflection led us to a renewed vision for the digital space, one where our role is not just about building websites, but about nurturing a thriving, interconnected community.

We’re focused on delivering a five-star experience.

We invite you to explore how Razorfrog has made a positive difference in the lives of those whom we serve and support. Below are several endorsements shared with us. Please visit our testimonials page to view more kind words from our pond of clients.

Together we’ll flourish.

With over fifteen years of experience serving the Bay Area’s web needs, we stand behind our dedication to high-quality accessible design, innovative development and unparalleled five-star customer service and support. Let's work together to skillfully develop your brand and accessible web presence for your San Francisco Bay Area small or medium-sized business.

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