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Our WordPress web design and development experts are here to assist you.

We understand web design can be a daunting and often intimidating topic, and that’s why were here to help! Since 2008 we’ve remained committed to the perseverance of our online community and its evolving needs. Browse our FAQs below for answers to the most common questions we receive. If you have questions that are not addressed here, please contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss them with you.

Helpful FAQs covering our professional design services.

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Because our rates are competitively priced, project ranges vary. For a general range of project prices, visit our pricing page. We will work with you to determine a custom project quote. Request a quote online and we will start assembling an estimate right away.

This depends on your project, content, and revisions, but our average web design project will take between 6 to 10 weeks to complete.

We are headquartered in downtown San Francisco, California. The majority of our team lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, but we also have staff in Portland (until we can convince them to move back).

WordPress is the most popular CMS available and powers 43.2% of the web as of 2023 (source: Manaferra). Created in May 2003 and going more than twenty years strong, WordPress is an effective, attractive, and incredibly versatile platform for developing an affordable and powerful website. It has a long, robust history and an incredible worldwide community supporting it.

We’ve chosen to work with GridPane and Kinsta for the majority of our projects for multiple reasons: server-level WordPress optimizations such as page speed and caching, rock-solid nightly backups, staging environments for testing and development, and great support. For information, please read this blog post.

Our passion and complete focus is on achieving results for you, and we won’t stop until you are satisfied with the work that we have produced. We’ve had the good fortune to work with hundreds of amazing individuals, businesses, and non-profits throughout the SF Bay Area and beyond. We love our work, we love WordPress, and we love helping businesses reach their online goals.

In addition to responsive web design, our services include web accessibility ADA compliance, search engine optimization (SEO), logos and branding, and care plans. We offer print design, copywriting, photography and legal policies as project add-ons.

This is a standard practice across the industry for projects that are not designed in-house. Our clients are happy to acknowledge our role in designing their site by including a link to Razorfrog in their site footer, much like a signature on a painting. Our clients are also showing their support for San Francisco small business and helping to keep things local by doing so.

Because most of our clients are happy to give us credit for their site, we feature a discounted price in our proposal price that reflects the benefit we receive from the attribution link. We also include an option in our proposals to pay full price for those few clients who would prefer not to include an attribution link for their particular project.

Razorfrog keeps your core WordPress installation and plugins updated so you’ll avoid the common security concerns associated with running outdated code. If you’re looking for an extra layer of protection for transaction details or personal information, we can also add an SSL certificate to your site.

We recommend large high-quality, professionally taken photographs. Your photo is how most people will initially “get to know” you and your team, so a good photograph is essential for a good impression and will enhance your credibility and authority. (A candid shot of you and a friend – or even a coworker – in front of a busy background with poor lighting will not.)

Most websites we build have an About page showcasing the owners and/or staff of the company. To best do so, we generally recommend a professional headshot-style photo, of at least 1000×1000 pixels, with a single person in the frame and a clean, simple background, for each of your staff members. In some cases a professional group photo may be more appropriate. Many photographers in San Francisco and beyond specialize in headshots at a reasonable price.

If you are unable to hire a professional photographer, most modern cameras (even an iPhone) are capable of producing a quality, professional-looking image, but some care is needed in choosing your appearance, the framing, the background, and the lighting. Check out Tips for a Great Headshot by Tara Butler for more details.

Remember, your website represents your brand. You chose Razorfrog for a beautiful, professional website — so choose a beautiful, professional photograph as well.

Here’s the truth behind the name Razorfrog: it’s mostly just a random pairing of an animal and a type of metal object. The founder of Razorfrog, Max Elman, really wanted a frog at the time he started his business, so those leaping lily pad dwellers were at the front of his mind. While Max didn’t have a name for the business, he did have a company slogan. He had chosen “the cutting edge of web design” after “we make good websites, you pay” didn’t prove very popular.

So he liked frogs. And he wanted to somehow merge the idea of “cutting edge” into the moniker. Who’s to say why he chose “razor” over “axe” or “knife” or “chain”? Was there a razor scooter in his room? Was his mom on him to shave his goatee? Did someone offer him the chance at pizza, “either at Ray’s or…”?

It’s a secret to everybody.

Together we’ll flourish.

With over fifteen years of experience serving the Bay Area’s web needs, we stand behind our dedication to high-quality accessible design, innovative development and unparalleled five-star customer service and support. Let's work together to skillfully develop your brand and accessible web presence for your San Francisco Bay Area small or medium-sized business.

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