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Receive weekly Google Analytics 4 reports in your inbox.

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One of the many valuable benefits you receive as a client is access to our custom Google Analytics 4 weekly emails. This custom email shows you a snapshot of your site’s traffic and other analytics without having to log in and view your Google Analytics 4 property. Every Monday you’ll receive a report summarizing recent views, unique visitors, most trafficked pages and top referrers. For more details, you’ll be able to click through to the full GA4 reports inside your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics 4’s browsing data can help you to more effectively remediate issues in order to achieve your business objectives. For example, you might want to sell more t-shirts, get more leads, or simply have more people share your latest blog post. Your analytics report might show you that while many of your visitors spend time on your homepage, they aren’t clicking through to the t-shirt page, signing up for your free report, or heading to your blog. Knowing more about what your visitors are doing can help you better optimize your site to meet your online goals.

Let us know if you’d like to discuss analytics in further detail with us. There’s an incredible amount of information stored for your site, and we’d be happy to help make sense of it all.

And of course, if at any point you no longer want to receive these weekly Google Analytics 4 email summaries, send us a message and we’ll unsubscribe you.

Frequently asked questions for our weekly analytics emails.

Click on an accordion item below to view our answers.

The bounce rate is the percentage of single page visits in which a person leaves the website from the landing page within 60 seconds without browsing any further. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing – the visitor may get everything they need from your homepage within a minute. Generally this is around 50%.

The small percentages show the change from last week’s values. Green shows an increase and red shows a decrease. (Note that an increase isn’t always a good thing, such as your bounce rate. We may adjust this coloring in a future release.)

Referrers show what sites lead traffic to your website, however spammers have recently taken advantage of this system to “trick” the Google Analytics 4 code and show their sites within your top referrers. Unfortunately, blocking these bots is a very time consuming process which does very little except clean up your reports, which only you will see. The best solution is to wait them out – they’ll eventually go away.

This is a new form of spam advertising targeted towards the website owner. In short, it’s nothing to be worried about and will go away soon.

Spammers can easily copy your site’s analytics code and send traffic to new pages under their control. They’re not sending any malicious traffic to your site – they’ve just copied the tracking code. Since this is public information, there’s really nothing to do about it until Google blocks these new domains.  The goal of the spammer is to get you to visit their URL so that you’ll then purchase services or a product from them. Don’t do it! Please just ignore these URLs.

If you need updated monthly analytics numbers with these fake URLs removed we can set up filters to do so. Our weekly email only sends raw, unfiltered data – so you may see these inflated numbers for a few more weeks.

Green refers to a positive increase in traffic compared to the previous week. Red refers to a negative decrease compared to the previous week.

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