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Over the past few years, we’ve had the privilege to work with a wide range of healthcare businesses. As a healthcare professional or wellness company, your website should simultaneously reflect information about your practice or business and answer the questions that your customers are asking. After successfully working with many of these types of businesses throughout San Francisco, we have learned a lot about creating websites that speak directly to these needs.

Patients Want to Know About Your Business

Simply outlining the type of medicine practiced by a health professional is not sufficient. Information about a practice should include:

  • A description of the branch of medicine practiced by the professional as well as definitions of relevant terms
  • An explanation of how this branch of medicine is relevant to patients and a healthy lifestyle
  • Information about insurance plans accepted
  • Some basic information about payment and any financing options your clinic makes

Having a blog is a great way to introduce people to the type of medicine you practice and how it relates to a lifetime of good health. You can explore various topics in greater depth and empower people to think proactively about their medical care options.

You and Your Staff

A brief professional biography and a clear, recent photograph will help patients feel comfortable coming to your clinic for the first time. Introduce physician’s assistants, nurses, technicians, and office staff members, too. Visiting a new clinic can be an intimidating experience, so providing some basic information about members of your care team will help welcome new patients to your practice.

Map, Hours, & Contact Information

Even if your clinic keeps standard 8 AM to 5 PM hours, stating this clearly on your website can be very helpful to people exploring care options. If there are particular holidays when your clinic will be open or closed, including this information as well. Finally, an office phone number should be clearly displayed on each page of your website. Most clinics are also now integrating online contact forms which can shorten in-office visits and increase efficiency.

Explore Improved Design

Whether you are getting a website for the first time or looking to improve an existing one, Razorfrog Web Design in San Francisco can help. Contact us today to discover how your professional website can be enhanced!

Max Elman is Razorfrog's Founder and Project Manager. He is a tech-savvy internet guru and has led Razorfrog's award-winning web design team since 2008. View Max's bio for more details.

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