Plugin Release: Product Dropdown Widget for WooCommerce

June 29, 2016

When we develop WordPress and WooCommerce sites, we’re big fans of using established plugins and extensions to add functionality whenever possible – why reinvent the wheel, after all? In some cases however, we need to add functionality that isn’t available through a plugin, so we create custom code for that specific need. We then evaluate if that code would be useful to anyone else and if so release it in the form of a plugin on More

Passing the Google Mobile Friendly test with WPTouch and WPEngine

April 21, 2015

Preparing for Google’s Mobile Friendly update on April 21st, we noticed that some of our clients’ sites using the WPTouch plugin were unexpectedly failing Google’s mobile-friendly test.  Since all of the sites were hosted with WPEngine, we contacted both WPTouch and WPEngine support. After a bit of back and forth, WPEngine solved the problem by adding the following to the varnish cache for the affected sites.Read More