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Preparing for Google’s Mobile Friendly update on April 21st, we noticed that some of our clients’ sites using the WPTouch plugin were unexpectedly failing Google’s mobile-friendly test.  Since all of the sites were hosted with WPEngine, we contacted both WPTouch and WPEngine support. After a bit of back and forth, WPEngine solved the problem by adding the following to the varnish cache for the affected sites.

set $mobile_bot 'no';
if ($http_user_agent ~* (iPhone) ) {
	set $mobile_bot "X";
if ($http_user_agent ~* (Googlebot) ) {
	set $mobile_bot "${mobile_bot}Y";
if ($mobile_bot = "XY"){
	set $is_bot 0;

If you’re having a similar problem passing the mobile friendly test and use WPTouch and WPEngine, try it out!

Max Elman is Razorfrog's Founder and Project Manager. He is a tech-savvy internet guru and has led Razorfrog's award-winning web design team since 2008. View Max's bio for more details.

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