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Green Couch is a San Fransisco-based home staging and interior design firm founded by veteran interior designers Jeff and Trey Schlarb in 2002. Their studio’s expertise includes furniture staging, interior improvements, renovations, and decoration projects – all providing extra value for sellers in the San Francisco housing market.

Green Couch hired Razorfrog to re-envision their existing website with a more intuitive interface and presentation. Working with the firm’s signature style described as “rad elegance,” our design team crafted a customized approach to showcasing the best of Green Couch’s home staging and luxury leasing projects. The use of custom post types encourage ease of use in adding new portfolio entries. Before and after images are presented side by side for lightning fast comparison.

Watch Green Couch’s short introduction video on their firm profile page to learn more about their culture.¬†Sellers with high standards need to know they are in good hands, and Green Couch is passionate about delivering on their promises.

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