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Hey Lily Padders, it’s summer, at least for a few more weeks. But we haven’t been baking in the sun, like lizards, or swimming in the ocean, like fish. We’ve been making websites, because we are razorfrogs, and that’s what a razorfrog does.

First up in our late summer launches is SCI Consulting Group, an economic consulting firm that works in public and urban sectors. Their website had to reflect their business acumen and showcase their incredible team, so we built them one that was responsive and full of the information their clients (or soon to be clients) need.

Speaking of great interfaces, making a simple-to-update site was first on our list for Glen Park Montessori. Their site had to be useful for both the current students and prospective ones, putting information about schedules, teachers, and school philosophy in an attractive, soft design.

MPL Brands needed a new website that put their talent at innovating and distributing beverages on display, and they were great to work with all summer, even though we spent a lot of that time wanting to drink from our screens. Every image is crisp, every detail sparkling. It was very rewarding to design a website that bursts with such eye-catching images.

Gravitas IR tasked us with expressing their identity with a new design and easily mastered menu system. When you’re in investor relations, like they are, you have to put your best foot forward with the digital meeting space that will define that all important web impression. Starting at a logo inspired by a monetary growth model, we made them look runway ready. Seriously, a model interested in strategic solutions for her publicly traded company could access this website and all its information as they walked down the runway.

Some of this summer was spent with the husband and wife duo, The Wilkerson Team. They needed a mobile-friendly website that exhibited their properties, and we make websites that conform to the display you’re accessing them from the same way baseball players are adept at hitting baseballs. In other words, we do it well, and the smoother we made that mobile experience, the smoother the client feels their SF housing market journey will be. Right? Right.

Proterra leads in electronic transit vehicles with zero emissions, so they had to have a website that showed they’re a transportation solution for the future! We wanted to preserve all the glamor of the open road while simultaneously showing off their environmentally friendly mission, and we did all that on a website that captures everything that makes their vehicular solutions special.

When’s the perfect time for a refresh? Summer of course! We were so excited when Radical Candor hit us up again to bring their site into a new iteration. We matched the new color palette to the best-selling book, worked closely with their creative director on each design element, and found a bunch of new digital tools to help them spread their candid gospel.

Just as summer ends, we are taking a great big enormous leap that we hope will land us straight into a pile of autumn leaves. Do frogs like jumping into piles of leaves? Probably, especially if they are razorfrogs, like we are.

wet sucker

Christopher is a seasoned publishing professional who is passionate about helping folks put great books together, with years of experience managing clients, developing and editing pitches, proposals, and manuscripts across genres. He has edited and placed multiple New York Times and National Bestsellers.

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