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Cultivating a worldwide culture of kickass bosses, Radical Candor co-founders Kim Scott and Jason Rosoff are transforming teams to be more Radically Candid. This Silicon Valley startup’s book, Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity, provides a new professional management framework for providing feedback that both challenges and shows personal care for improving relationships in the workplace.

Our team worked closely with Radical Candor’s creative director to achieve a new, meticulously planned responsive design and complementary color palette that captures the disruptive ethos of their best selling book. Radical Candor’s latest site features beautifully detailed and relatable illustrations that are vibrant, race neutral and adaptable for team cultures across the globe. The site’s visuals bring the concepts of the book to life in a whole new way for audiences everywhere.

Razorfrog has worked with Radical Candor on its previous site iterations, and we’re especially excited to share this reenvisioned update with previous and new fans alike. Empower your workforce by purchasing Radical Candor’s book from local independent bookstores and online retailers, and discover what all the buzz is about!

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