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Gravitas IR Advisory is a small investor relations firm providing start-ups and established companies with capabilities to engage markets across all business cycles. The firm brings long-term strategic advice and solutions to companies experiencing challenges with financial communications, resulting in a valuable competitive advantage for senior management.

Razorfrog was hired to develop Gravitas’ identity design and build out a streamlined web presence. We crafted Gravitas’ logo identity with elegant typography and a brandmark that portrays strategic monetary growth models. The result is a sleek and memorable design that efficiently communicates the firm’s complex IR services targeting the tech space and other advisable markets.

Our site design solution utilizes isometric graphic illustrations, modern typography, subtle UI animations, high contrast layouts and generous spacing to create an enjoyable user experience. The team page introduces John Andrews and Sandra Goldschneider, two financial market veterans with decades of experience. We’ve also included a blog section for providing professional perspectives and commentary on the importance of strategic assessment. The result of our work is a forward-thinking brand that’s bringing invaluable strategic planning to public companies.

(This site design is currently offline, but we’re proud of our work together and have kept this portfolio entry available.)

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