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What is time? What is the nature of days passing? Can it be measured in hair length and haircuts? Gaining expertise at sourdough bread making? A list of completed series of television shows and movie sagas?

Work helps. Work organizes the time into units, of challenges and successes. And it turns out that newsletter writing is palliative as well. We have been doing things. We have been staking out corners of the internet with code and images and hyperlinks.

Working with Build was a matter of translation – they liked good spaces out in the urban heights and sprawl, and we wanted to make a good space for those real things to live. So we presented their work with the elegance and care they devote to making them, and helped them translate their site to WordPress and their simpler back-end tools.

Recombia Biosciences had a different mandate – with a name like “Recombia Biosciences” we had to help put together a site that appeals to the types of folk who know what line of work they’re in, and the people who don’t. That meant colorful, engaging graphics, dynamic font styles. They wanted to make themselves look attractive to potential applicants, both in a new logo and a website that makes as much scientific sense as they do, and we were thrilled they turned to us.

Making companies look good to both employees and potential applicants is kind of a Razorfrog specialty. We updated Vendition’s site with that in mind, making their services and assets clear. Finding and training passionate people to work in the tech industry shouldn’t get muddied by bad design!

Speaking of looking good to two types of people, Chai House had a similar mission statement, but it played out very differently, considering the types of people they wanted to target – the people that live there, and the people that might want to live there. As a senior living facility, they offer a nice place to live harmoniously, and we wanted to show that online in as simple and navigable a website as could possibly exist.

In fact, we learned so much working on Chai House, that it was easy to perform the same magic on Terrace Gardens. Floor plans and activities and applications needed a place to live before they could get to the business of getting people to physically live there, and we make the best responsive websites to accommodate those needs.

Finally, as folks fond of a nice tipple or glass of wine, it was a blast to work with the pioneers of the no/low alcoholic beverages arena. Conetech helps the people that are creating classy beverages without the buzz, and they needed a new website that showed off their variety of services and world presence. A suite of websites, actually, since Advanced Beverage Technologies and ABT&E needed homes of their own too. It’s always fun to find our niche in an industry we’re engaging with personally.

It’s therapeutic to look back at this list and revel in the memory of the things we’ve accomplished. Indeed, we are doing things. We are keeping our brains wrinkled, and our sanity in tact. We know how lucky we are to have jobs that we love to do in these bizarre times, so we thank you, from the bottom of our RazorHearts, for the opportunity to work.

Until next time – stay safe! And give as much care as you take!

Christopher is a seasoned publishing professional who is passionate about helping folks put great books together, with years of experience managing clients, developing and editing pitches, proposals, and manuscripts across genres. He has edited and placed multiple New York Times and National Bestsellers.

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