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BUILD is a San Francisco multifamily residential developer that approaches each project as a holistic venture to foster thriving places. Headquartered within Linden Alley in the Hayes Valley neighborhood, the firm partners with neighborhoods, private capital, local government, and non-profits to create great urban places that benefit the community and their investors.

BUILD requested for Razorfrog to transition their Squarespace site to WordPress. Our design team significantly improved upon the site’s infrastructure to create a more streamlined user experience for visitors as well as their management team. The latest version features full-width headers, grids, image carousels, and galleries for displaying beautiful photographs and renderings of current and past projects. Team members are optimally presented with bios containing details on significant projects, deals, affiliations, and education.

A newly revamped community section communicates BUILD’s dedication to creating meaningful and engaging spaces built upon community input. Friendly alternating layouts and colorful imagery are presented with clarity and care. We’ve also added case studies which include timelines noting how the firm has transformed prominently industrial parts of SF into vastly reimagined neighborhoods.

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