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As avid fans of both wine and beer and the consumption of complex, flavorful alcoholic beverages in general, Razorfrog is proud and happy with the work we’ve done for breweries and wineries in the Bay Area. A good website for a winery or a brewery can provide customers with an e-taste of what is in store for them once they decide to cross your magical thresholds.

Customers Want to Know All About you

After providing hours and basic information about what you brew/ferment and any food you might serve, giving a potential customer an idea about your ethos and taste is your next goal.

  • Highlight and describe your process
  • Introduce your varietals and describe flavor profiles
  • Display professional photos of your grounds, offerings, and staff
  • Explain how to obtain what you brew if a customer isn’t local. Up-to-date lists of places that carry what you sell are especially helpful.
  • An FAQ goes a long way in reducing annoying phone calls

An updated blog is not essential but is often useful in getting your potential fans excited about seasonal bottles, limited run varietals, competition results, even label decisions. Giving your brand a voice is the best way to create repeat customers, and your website is the perfect tool to showcase that voice.

Highlight Your History and Your Staff

The history of the brand and the way the staff works together along with any relevant background is a perfect branch of a brewery or winery website. Many drinkers are as interested in how their brews and vino are situated in tradition as much as they are interested in flavor and cost. Writing out those facts in a fun way can create brand recognition and loyalty.

Don’t Forget Contact Information, Hours and a Map

Remember, half the folks arriving on your page are there to see when you’re open, how to get to you, and how to reach you. Putting that information clearly and as easily found as possible is in your best interest. If people can order your products online, let them know. (Don’t have a e-commerce store yet? We can help you set one up for any merchandise it’s legal to sell online.)

Explore Improved Design

Let’s finish up this round with two hands-on, totally “crushable” examples from our portfolio for you to explore: Cellarmaker Brewing and La Honda Winery.

Whether you already have a website that you kind of hate or want a completely new website that you’ll truly love, Razorfrog Web Design in San Francisco can help. Contact us today and we can help make every hour a happy one!

Christopher is a seasoned publishing professional who is passionate about helping folks put great books together, with years of experience managing clients, developing and editing pitches, proposals, and manuscripts across genres. He has edited and placed multiple New York Times and National Bestsellers.

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