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Developer of the strongest emergency relief tents on earth, Shelter Systems provides dome and yurt solutions for global disaster relief organizations and international humanitarian efforts. Durable and portable, these cost-effective solutions serve as excellent shelters for field hospitals, clinics and gathering spaces for communities.

Located in Santa Cruz CA, Shelter Systems’ founders approached Razorfrog to create an e-commerce site showcasing all of their tent product lines. Razorfrog took existing content from various sources and created a streamlined, easy to navigate site with greatly improved SEO and product visuals. Additionally, our design team leveraged their previous branding to craft a new identity design that communicates sustainability and the perseverance of life in the midst of the unpredictable.

Shelter Systems’ proactive vision is changing the world and assisting impoverished communities where aid is needed most. Our contributions of streamlined design, branding and enhanced usability for mobile and tablet visitors will positively impact countless lives worldwide.

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