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Maverick Therapeutics is a preliminary biotech company founded by MPM Capital and is developing a novel approach to T cell redirecting antibody therapeutics. It is pioneering the next generation of superior therapeutics for cancer patients through the expert collaboration of passionate innovators and industry leaders.

Maverick’s leadership team hired Razorfrog to spearhead responsive web design and branding solutions for their emerging company. We strategically created their identity logotype to capture the natural power of ocean waves for attacking tumors aggressively. The site’s design is inspired by the energy of the Pacific Ocean, highlights management and board members, and includes a career portal for potential candidates. Their technology utilizes a complex targeting process, thus we’ve incorporated detailed visuals to reinforce the ultra-potent capabilities of their proprietary platform termed COBRA.

(This site design is currently offline, but we’re proud of our work together and have kept this portfolio entry available.)

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