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Founded in 2022 as a spinout of Rutgers University, BioDrive is pursuing an innovative approach to genetically modified plants and insects. The startup’s goals involve developing and releasing functional gene drives, creating enhanced methods to produce complex molecules from plants, and modifying crops to be more resilient to the changing environment.

BioDrive’s founder brought Razorfrog on board to construct a sustainable and resilient brand identity and environmental-minded responsive website presence to publicize the company’s launch, publish career openings, and target representatives from agricultural and pharmaceutical corporations, as well as investors in these areas. Custom diagrams were created to convey the company’s unique genetic engineering approach and platform. Team members and investors are displayed in a user-friendly grid format, and a careers section has been integrated allowing qualified applicants to apply directly from BioDrive’s highly accessible site.

All company-related announcements will be posted within the site’s news section. Check back for more details regarding the team’s forthcoming developments.

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