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South San Francisco-based 3T Biosciences is solving a major bottleneck in the field of cancer immunotherapy — the identification of novel targets for treating solid tumors in broad patient populations. 3T’s antigen ID platform also offers utility in other T cell mediated disease areas beyond oncology, including autoimmunity, allergy and infectious diseases, providing major opportunities for healthcare advancement.

3T Biosciences’ team of industry veterans is advancing the field of oncology by addressing major challenges in immunotherapy development. 3T hired Razorfrog to produce a high-touch web design solution that communicates bleeding edge technological advancements for treating cancer patients. Modern geometric typography, scientific icons, and diagrams illustrate technical concepts in a highly contrasting dark-mode presentation that is device agnostic. We implemented a distinct vertical navigation menu to provide optimal access for exploring 3T’s numerous team profiles, publications, investors, news, and career opportunities. 3T’s oncology pipeline depicts the current stages of novel targets discovered for treating solid tumors, leading up to phase 1 trials.

(This site design is currently offline, but we’re proud of our work together and have kept this portfolio entry available.)

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