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Why is my site showing thousands of hits on nonexistent “bot” pages?

This is a new form of spam advertising targeted towards the website owner. In short, it’s nothing to be worried about and will go away soon.

Spammers can easily copy your site’s analytics code and send traffic to new pages under their control. They’re not sending any malicious traffic to your site – they’ve just copied the tracking code. Since this is public information, there’s really nothing to do about it until Google blocks these new domains.  The goal of the spammer is to get you to visit their URL so that you’ll then purchase services or a product from them. Don’t do it! Please just ignore these URLs.

If you need updated monthly analytics numbers with these fake URLs removed we can set up filters to do so. Our weekly email only sends raw, unfiltered data – so you may see these inflated numbers for a few more weeks.

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