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In our continuous effort to enhance web development, we are excited to introduce our latest creation: Easy Content Lists. This plugin aims to make displaying content on your WordPress site incredibly simple and efficient.

Previously, we relied on different plugins for listing pages, posts, and taxonomies, which often resulted in unnecessary complexity. Easy Content Lists addresses this by providing a unified solution with intuitive shortcodes, allowing you to effortlessly display and organize all types of content in one place. We’ve used Easy Content Lists to create our own website’s sitemap, showcasing the plugin in action. Check it out to see the plugin’s capabilities and get inspired for your own site:

Plugin overview

Built on the foundation of simplicity and functionality, Easy Content Lists offers flexible shortcodes with customizable parameters for listing pages, posts, taxonomy terms, and tags. Its responsive and customizable design ensures your content lists look great on any device, while its minimal style allows users to easily style their lists with their own CSS. The plugin also features efficient filtering options based on various criteria such as meta fields, post types, and taxonomies, making it easy to organize your content. Designed with both developers and end-users in mind, Easy Content Lists is user-friendly and easy to set up.

Shortcodes and parameters

Here are all the parameters you can use with each shortcode:


  • orderby (optional). Default: title.
  • order (optional). Default: ASC.
  • exclude (optional). Default: empty.
  • child_of (optional). Default: empty.
  • col (optional). Default: 1. Accepts 1 to 4 columns.
  • error_message (optional). Default: “ERROR: Can’t find pages.”


  • post_type (optional). Default: post.
  • orderby (optional). Default: date.
  • order (optional). Default: DESC.
  • exclude (optional). Default: empty.
  • posts_per_page (optional). Default: 100.
  • col (optional). Default: 1. Accepts 1 to 4 columns.
  • taxonomy (optional). Default: empty.
  • terms (optional). Default: empty.
  • meta_key (optional). Default: empty.
  • meta_value (optional). Default: empty.
  • error_message (optional). Default: “ERROR: Can’t find posts.”

Using meta fields:

  • To query posts with a specific meta value, both meta_key and meta_value must be set.
  • To sort query by a meta value, meta_key must be set and orderby=”meta_value”.


  • taxonomy (optional). Default: category.
  • orderby (optional). Default: title.
  • order (optional). Default: ASC.
  • col (optional). Default: 1. Accepts 1 to 4 columns.
  • count (optional). Default: true.
  • error_message (optional). Default: “ERROR: Can’t find taxonomy.”


  • query_type (optional). Default: exclude.
  • tags_ids (optional). Default: empty.
  • max_count (optional). Default: 100.
  • size_from (optional). Default: 16.
  • size_to (optional). Default: 36.
  • error_message (optional). Default: “ERROR: Can’t find tags.”

Take your content to the next level

With Easy Content Lists, displaying content on your WordPress site has never been simpler or more efficient. This powerful tool provides the flexibility you need to organize your content effortlessly. We can’t wait to see how the web development community will utilize this plugin and are eager for your feedback.

Get started with Easy Content Lists today and transform the way you present content on your website!

Vinícius Miazaki is a Designer and Developer at Razorfrog. He is an enthusiastic plugin developer, layout aficionado, and advanced technical support specialist. View Vinícius' bio for more details.

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