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Razorfrog specializes in accessible and responsive web design for building your business’ online web presence.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s no longer enough for small businesses in San Francisco to have a bland, basic website. Customers are quick to associate a slow, unoptimized website with a second-rate business. If you want to engage visitors and turn traffic into returning customers, you’ll need a website that is fully responsive across different devices. That’s where we come in. Contact Razorfrog to elevate your web design strategy from sub-par to stellar with an emphasis on quality.

We deliver award-winning web design solutions powered by WordPress.

Having a responsive site means much more than working links. It means that your website displays and works correctly on all mobile and desktop devices, building a fluid, seamless, and inclusive experience for visitors. This is important because it ensures that visitors from anywhere in the world can access the same information about your business. It keeps your brand strong and your offerings even stronger. We aim to build the most user-friendly experience possible through WordPress website design that is always working for you. Our team achieves this by:

  • WCAG conformant accessible design and development practices that meet the requirements of the ADA
  • Highly functional and user-friendly e-commerce platforms
  • Organized desktop and mobile navigation menus and search capabilities
  • Auto-optimized images for boosting site performance and reducing page load times
  • SEO-friendly content hierarchies for improving page rankings in search engine results pages (SERPs)

Our veteran web designers and developers ensure every page on your business’ website is designed to work towards your marketing goals and maximize your ROI.

Our team uses science and technology to build a more empowering web for all.

With enough patience, anyone can learn to throw together what looks like a passable website. However, it takes an experienced team of knowledgeable web designers and developers with deep acumen of San Francisco to build a successful web design and development business in the Bay Area. At Razorfrog, we don’t just create WordPress sites — we’re building a more accessible, supportive and compassionate world. Your success is our success, and we are deliberate of that outcome.

Together we’ll flourish.

With over fifteen years of experience serving the Bay Area’s web needs, we stand behind our dedication to high-quality accessible design, innovative development and unparalleled five-star customer service and support. Let's work together to skillfully develop your brand and accessible web presence for your San Francisco Bay Area small or medium-sized business.

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