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For more than a decade, Judi Cohen has guided Warrior One with a single mission in mind: to offer the ancient and modern practices of mindfulness to colleagues and students so they can discover for themselves how to create more powerful, fulfilling, joyful, and inclusive lives in the law. Warrior one offers many supportive mindfulness services to legal professionals in the Bay Area and beyond, including the bi-annual, 9-month long Mindfulness in Law Teacher Training (MLTT) program and a weekly podcast called the Wake Up Call.

Razorfrog worked in tandem with Warrior One’s leadership to craft a rebranded web presence built with ease of use and mobile-friendliness in mind. Design assets were provided by Warrior One to rebuild the site using a sustainable framework. The latest iteration includes a podcast custom post type for efficiently adding new weekly Wake Up Call recordings. Clean layouts, modern typography, a revised high contrast palette, and curved page elements keep content organized, legible, and digestible. Legal students and professionals alike are encouraged to sign up for the Warrior One mailing list to receive updates regarding future coursework, programs, and community resources.

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