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For the past two decades, the Tantillo family has brought the finest quality products to kitchens via the Tantillo Foods label. Offering a trusted selection of imported and locally sourced ingredients for consumers, Tantillo’s latest responsive e-commerce website aligns with its heritage of culinary excellence.

Razorfrog utilized WooCommerce, a leading e-commerce platform, to power Tantillo’s online sales. The Tantillo shop prioritizes detailed imagery and attentive design elements to visually communicate product detail and freshness. An informative news section presents a diverse lineup of press releases, meal planning guidance, produce tips and guest blogger articles to inform foodies everywhere and celebrate the art of cooking. The new site is buzzing with offerings, so be sure to poke around and explore.

Tantillo Foods features a tasteful collection of recipes inspired by Tony Tantillo’s dedication to the importance of healthy eating. Our favorite recipe, Cilantro Pesto, Beet Pesto and Parsley Pesto, will perfectly complement your next meal!

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