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Sumeru Equity Partners is a private equity firm positioned in mid-market technology that focuses on building growth leaders. It is guided by numerous experienced advisors from Bay Area tech companies and startups. SEP’s partners selected Razorfrog to create a website presence that represents their many years of expertise across software, technology enabled services and hardware.

Razorfrog designed Sumeru’s website in 2016 and has recently updated the site in 2022 with a new design style provided by one of their portfolio companies. The latest version includes subtle animations, thin line design elements, and an artistic, soft-toned palette. Custom post types have been incorporated for presenting content spanning investment portfolio entries, team members, case studies, podcasts, and testimonials. Sumeru’s filterable portfolio displays current, past, and predecessor investment companies in a beautifully simplistic presentation.

The story of Sumeru’s brand is also streamable via video content on the site, communicating creativity driven by an experienced growth capital team.

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