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San Francisco’s Mighty PR is a deeply experienced marketing and public relations firm sporting a bold and edgy philosophy. Having worked with technology giants including Samsung, Soundcloud and Twitter, Mighty PR reached out to Razorfrog in need of a forward-thinking responsive website that speaks genuinely of their passion for newly-hatched startups, thriving market leaders and everything in between.

Tapping into the power of memorable and adventurous imagery, Mighty’s new site communicates their team’s nature of thinking outside the box. Smooth UI animations and a high contrast color palette were selected to represent the process of ideas and development in action. Together, these elements create a dynamic user experience that is modern, excitable and engages the viewer on multiple levels.

Check out Mighty’s work portfolio for a list of their previous and current clients and stay up-to-date on client news directly from their site. Think you’re mighty enough to join them? Visit their careers page to make your case.

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