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Jeff Schlarb is a renowned, eccentric interior designer operating from his San Francisco studio on Potrero Avenue. He is the co-founder and principal designer behind Green Couch, a home staging, improvement and luxury leasing firm that Jeff began with his wife, Tray, in 2002.

After launching the Green Couch site last year, Razorfrog worked with Jeff for round two – this time to re-envision his studio’s portfolio site. The latest design iteration takes inspiration from Jeff’s imaginative tagline, “Rad Elegance,” and features a variety of custom post types for portfolio entries, podcasts, and press, presented in high contrast layouts that adapt and scale based on device size. Lush, large format interior images are presented in unique, full-width layouts to capture every elegant detail and beautiful nuance of Jeff’s full-scale renovations and refined modernizations.

For more details on Jeff’s latest creative endeavors in the design world, head on over to his press page where you’ll find his team’s work in publications such as California Home + Design and Luxe. We also recommend checking out Jeff’s podcast, which takes a multidisciplinary approach to creativity and craft by artists who are inventing the future.

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