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Since 2009, First Reflection Audio Video has provided high value audio video integrations and automated systems for home owners throughout the Bay Area. Razorfrog’s design team worked closely with owner and Lead Designer Ron Jones to present his company’s services and AV portfolio in a new, mobile-friendly presentation, while utilizing and building upon his brand’s existing assets.

Razorfrog designed a website that encompasses all of First Reflection’s quality offerings. From upgrading previous setups to implementing home surveillance and optimizing networks, clients may choose from a multitude of options for enhancing their homes. First Reflection’s site features a gallery for displaying client A/V solutions, which can be easily updated and expanded upon. Clients can also explore testimonials from satisfied clients to know they’re working with an industry professional.

In the market for home audio or video work? Contact First Reflection Audio Video for experienced assistance and to see why they are a premiere destination for complete home audio video solutions.

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