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Emerging author Antonio García Martí­nez writes with poignant honesty to transcribe the realities and antics of Silicon Valley capitalism in his 2016 novel Chaos Monkeys. García Martí­nez required a crafted website presence to match the tone and character of his first novel’s escapades spanning Wall Street finance to Bay Area tech startups and media giants Facebook and Twitter.

García Martí­nez’s whimsical writing required a unique mobile-friendly presentation with easy access to online purchasing options. Our design team utilized distinct typographical selections to capture one man’s unique experiences in a simple and intuitive manner. The site features a high contrast color palette with nuances to match his work. New sample chapters have been released, acting as an extended author’s cut to the main story.

Razorfrog helps creatives to showcase their best work with flexibility built in. Our collaboration has allowed us to plan for site expansions and functionality to be unveiled over time. Catch Chaos Monkeys to witness García Martí­nez’s colorful autobiographical journey.

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