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An Important Update From Razorfrog

Adobe Fonts (previously Typekit), a renowned font repository utilized by Razorfrog Web Design for client work, will be undergoing a major change in its licensing terms for agencies as of January 1, 2020. Adobe has been relatively quiet about this important change and has not yet notified its customers. This topic recently appeared on our firm’s radar and we want to be proactive and inform our clients well in advance of these changes to discuss their options.

More details regarding Adobe Fonts’ licensing update can be found at this post, published late February 2019.

What You Need To Know

We are reaching out to all of our clients where we are currently serving webfonts provided by the Adobe Fonts font repository. These fonts may or may not have exact replacements from other font repositories.

In most cases, Razorfrog will need to swap out current Adobe Fonts webfonts with appropriate alternatives that will not be an exact match. This type of cosmetic change will only affect your website’s appearance and not its core functionality.

We are providing several options to our valued clients to continue service without any major disruption. Our goal is to ensure your site looks its best and retains its design aesthetic without compromising quality.

Options Available For Our Clients

1) Move to similar webfonts from Google Fonts or Hoelfer & Co
Razorfrog will swap out current Adobe Fonts webfonts on your domain for similar/appropriate substitutes from Google Fonts or Hoelfer & Co web font repositories. This is provided at no additional cost to you. Substituted webfonts will be selected by Razorfrog and implemented in a staging environment prior to implementing on the live/production version of your site.

2) Purchase matching webfonts with a standalone license through MyFonts or a similar font reseller
Razorfrog will search for your exact web font or an equivalent version across our list of premium font repositories. The cost of the web font license is usually based on yearly site traffic. We recommend this option for clients that are flexible with paying a one time fee up front for their webfonts.

3) Maintain your current Adobe Fonts webfonts for your domain with an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription
Razorfrog will walk you through the process of setting up an Adobe Creative Cloud subscription for your company, granting you a license to continue utilizing Adobe Font’s webfonts on your site. The cheapest monthly subscription is the Adobe Acrobat Pro DC single app business plan, which costs $16.99 +tax/mo. and requires an annual commitment. We recommend this option for clients with specified web fonts requirements. However, purchasing a standalone license (option 2 above) might be more economical.

We will reach out to all clients with options available for their sites and our design team’s recommendations. We’ll update this post with any new information or frequently asked questions.

Scott is Razorfrog's Lead Designer. He is a passionate web designer, graphic designer, branding specialist, accessibility expert and content creator. View Scott's bio for more details.

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