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What is a brand?

Your brand is the collection of perceptions that the world has about your company. It is the big picture impression that is left on your customers, and determines how they interact with you. Essentially, your brand is your company’s personality; it has specific, memorable traits, similar to a person.

Your branding exists to clearly distinguish your company from others in the marketplace. It defines who is associated with your brand by identifying a target audience, and builds trust and recognition with that audience by communicating across all channels in a consistent way. Your company builds brand awareness by repeatedly exposing your brand to your target audience while proactively building a better experience for them.

A prevalent and common misconception is that logos and branding are one and the same. However, this is not the case. Your logo is a part of your branding, but is not your brand. Remember that your brand is the large set of perceptions that others have about your company. These perceptions can be created by many different things, such as advertisements, customer service, products/services, as well as your logo.

Developing your brand’s potential starts with several important questions.

Prior to marketing your brand, it’s important to spend some time thinking about what your brand is, why you are selling your products and/or services, and who your brand is for.

We’ve created the following brand questionnaire to identify the core components of your brand. These questions will help to inform your marketing approach and ensure your business is communicating in a consistent manner. Whether you’re an existing business or just getting started, our questionnaire helps your company to further clarify and more succinctly define your brand.

With this information gathered, an online style guide can be assembled for your company by Razorfrog’s experienced team of designers. Your brand’s style guide is the visual translation of your mission, vision and values, and specifies how your brand should be communicated. It identifies your brand’s design assets that are utilized throughout your company’s branding. Having a style guide is invaluable for maintaining cohesiveness, regardless of your company’s employees, roles or scale.

Let’s hop into Razorfrog’s brand questionnaire.

Let’s get started by defining the five key components of your brand. Afterwards, we’ll review the six essential elements necessary for creating a style guide. We estimate this form will take between 15-20 minutes of your time. A copy will be emailed to you upon completion.

The Five Key Components of Your Brand

I. Mission

II. Vision

III. Target Audience

IV. Brand Personality

V. Core Values

The Six Essential Elements of Your Brand's Style Guide

I. Brand Story

II. Logo

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    III. Color Palette

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      IV. Typography

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        V. Imagery

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          VI. Voice

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