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What’s the story behind the Razorfrog name?

Here’s the truth behind the name Razorfrog: it’s mostly just a random pairing of an animal and a type of metal object. The founder of Razorfrog, Max Elman, really wanted a frog at the time he started his business, so those leaping lily pad dwellers were at the front of his mind. While Max didn’t have a name for the business, he did have a company slogan. He had chosen “the cutting edge of web design” after “we make good websites, you pay” didn’t prove very popular.

So he liked frogs. And he wanted to somehow merge the idea of “cutting edge” into the moniker. Who’s to say why he chose “razor” over “axe” or “knife” or “chain”? Was there a razor scooter in his room? Was his mom on him to shave his goatee? Did someone offer him the chance at pizza, “either at Ray’s or…”?

It’s a secret to everybody.

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