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At Razorfrog, our deep affection for College Radio has led us to work closely with KZSC, KSJS, and KSPC since 2010, 2016, and 2019, respectively. Our partnership thrives on a mutual love for music, community, and the transformational essence of College Radio. Following years of collaboration, we’re delighted to introduce the enhanced websites for all three stations.

These stations serve as vibrant hubs for creativity and student-generated content, embodying the very spirit we cherish. College Radio has transitioned from conventional broadcasting to a dynamic digital landscape. To stay current, KZSC, KSJS, and KSPC needed websites that reflect their modern ethos. Our redesigned platforms feature seamless navigation, mobile compatibility, captivating visuals, and interactive elements, empowering these stations to engage their audience like never before.

Our unwavering support for College Radio fuels our excitement as we anticipate the continued success of KZSC, KSJS, and KSPC in the digital era. These stations are poised to inspire and entertain audiences globally.

Vinícius Miazaki is a Designer and Developer at Razorfrog. He is an enthusiastic plugin developer, layout aficionado, and advanced technical support specialist. View Vinícius' bio for more details.

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