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Fathom Law viewed on iPad Tablet

Fathom Law

Serving as general counsel for a plethora of legal practices and industries, Fathom Law’s highly renowned, award-winning attorneys seek to provide sophisticated legal advice and…

Sebastian Miller Law, P.C. Tablet

Sebastian Miller Law, P.C.

Sebastian Miller, an experienced employment lawyer based in Santa Clara, teamed with Razorfrog to create a boutique firm website for companies and individuals requiring legal…

Grimaldi Law Offices Viewed on a Tablet

Grimaldi Law Offices

Ann Grimaldi's law offices target companies of all sizes that are facing a diverse span of chemical and product regulation challenges. An experienced attorney in…

Bart Lee Viewed on a Tablet

Bart Lee

Bart Lee is a San Francisco lawyer and mediator with the highest level of peer review rating for thirty years.  Mr. Lee’s interests span constitutional…

Eagle Partners Viewed on an iPad

Eagle Partners

Eagle Partners, a San Francisco mergers, acquisitions, and corporate finance advisory firm, had a website from the mid-2000′s based in Flash, a protocol no longer compatible with…

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