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Safety is important. For example, all of team Razorfrog wears helmets when they ride bikes, because safety is more important than style (and honestly, helmets are getting stylish). Also, everyone loves to ride rollercoasters, but would you like riding a 60 mph train through loops and corkscrews if you didn’t have a harness? No. You wouldn’t. And if you said, “Yes, I would” you’re lying, which is weird, because this is a blog post and you shouldn’t be talking to your computer.

This is all to say that we added an “s” to the “http” bit of our web address, because https sites are safer and more secure. Plus, Google (all hail) told us that if we did that, not only would it be like adding harnesses to our awesome rollercoaster, but it would also help with SEO results (on the Google Online Security Blog). Win-win. Now, Razorfrog is just as fast as ever, we’ll come up in searches faster, and we are wearing a helmet.

We can do this for your site, too. All you have to do is ask. And not even that nicely! I mean, it’s better to be nice, but sometimes we understand that the “please” and “thank you” are implied. Business moves lightning fast these days, doesn’t it?

Christopher is a seasoned publishing professional who is passionate about helping folks put great books together, with years of experience managing clients, developing and editing pitches, proposals, and manuscripts across genres. He has edited and placed multiple New York Times and National Bestsellers.

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