Page Speeds Blast Off With WP Rocket Site Optimization

October 15, 2019

In our fast paced world, speed matters. It’s become so imperative to online commerce that, as of July 2018, Google has included page speed as a primary ranking factor in mobile search. This was the first time since 2010 that mobile search was given higher priority than desktop search for SERPs (search engine results pages). Of course, the update had, and continues to have, significant implications for website firms and agencies worldwide. Speed will always be a defining metric for success on the web, and that’s why this past summer we doubled down on our site optimization efforts beyond the traditional offerings of our premium hosting services.Read More

New Internet Sales Tax Policies Enacted October 1st, 2019

October 3, 2019

At the beginning of October, more than a dozen states enacted new policies regarding internet sales taxes. What exactly does this legislation mean for small and medium-sized businesses? We’ve assembled this post to help inform our eCommerce clients in the state of California, as well as businesses impacted in states with similar legislation, about these important changes.
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Keep Your Website Compliant With Our Progressive Privacy Policy Services

September 3, 2019

As technology and the web have matured, new legislation centering around data protection has begun rolling out by state governments that requires our attention. Website owners are required to take special precautions with their online terms. Having an up-to-date, bulletproof privacy policy is now a mandatory requirement that is easily overlooked when numerous other decisions involved in building a website appear to take priority (content, e-commerce, search engine optimization, etc). But with so many moving components, it has been a burden to keep a privacy policy updated with the regulations of the times. That is, until now.Read More

Cool Links for a Hot Summer

August 29, 2019

Hey Lily Padders, it’s summer, at least for a few more weeks. But we haven’t been baking in the sun, like lizards, or swimming in the ocean, like fish. We’ve been making websites, because we are razorfrogs, and that’s what a razorfrog does.Read More

Using Google Analytics? Here’s why you are required to have a Privacy Policy

July 22, 2019

Most websites that have been built in the last few years have Google Analytics installed. Whenever any third party tool is used on a website, some digging should be done to see what your obligations are as those terms will determine whether you’ll be allowed to use the service long-term. Google Analytics’ Terms of Service require you to have a Privacy Policy on your website – one of many reasons that Razorfrog encourages including an up-to-date policy for all of our client sites.Read More

Razorfrog Web Design Leaps to the Top of Clutch’s Ranking of Web Designers in SF 2019

May 13, 2019

With Razorfrog Web Design, buyers know what they’re getting when they partner with us. In short, every one of our clients can expect excellent service from our team of industry professionals who work hand in hand with our partners to provide the quality they expect and we demand. Whether you are launching a new site or rebooting a previous one, Razorfrog provides an all-encompassing service structure ranging from web design, logo design, and SEO.Read More

Migrating from Mediatemple to Digital Ocean with Runcloud

April 9, 2019

Here at Razorfrog we’re big fans of managed WordPress hosting with Kinsta and WPEngine. We wrote all about it here, and those opinions haven’t changed much over the years. However, a full-fledged managed account isn’t always what we need for very small WordPress sites, or static HTML/PHP sites. For those, we’ve had a shared hosting account with Mediatemple for 10+ years (long before they were purchased by GoDaddy).Read More

Migrating Away From Adobe Fonts

April 3, 2019

An Important Update From Razorfrog

Adobe Fonts (previously Typekit), a renowned font repository utilized by Razorfrog Web Design for client work, will be undergoing a major change in its licensing terms for agencies as of January 1, 2020. Adobe has been relatively quiet about this important change and has not yet notified its customers. This topic recently appeared on our firm’s radar and we want to be proactive and inform our clients well in advance of these changes to discuss their options. Read More